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Yummy.com Expands Same-Day Online Delivery As It Looks To Go National

Yummy.com Neighborhood Market

Yummy.com Neighborhood Market, a leading multi-channel grocery retailer that has offered same-day delivery to Los Angeles-area residents and businesses since 2002, plans to expand nationally after adding a fourth location in Los Angeles at the end of May.

“Due to the proven demand for on-demand same-day fulfillment in our current trade areas, we opened our fourth fulfillment center in Los Angeles and are looking for a partner to expand nationally,” said Barnaby Montgomery, co-founder and CEO of Yummy.com. “Consumers want their retail purchases immediately; that’s what they expect when they go to the store, and that’s what they want when ordering online. We’re in a unique position to offer large retailers a successful high-volume business model with low operating costs.”

As a fully-integrated multi-channel grocery retailer (online combined with storefront), Yummy.com operates a proprietary system that simultaneously integrates multi-channel revenue streams, manages inventory and provides accurate on-demand fulfillment at high volume. Yummy.com’s model, the company says, enables it to fulfill orders that come in over the course of the day randomly, which requires less staff and results in lower operating costs. Yummy.com’s next-generation online retail model can be integrated into an existing operation, allowing a company to acquire new customers and defend against warehouse-based online retailers, the company says. To date, Yummy.com says it has profitably fulfilled nearly two million same-day orders using its proprietary software, and has five to 10 times the demand for its service over other big-box grocery delivery services due to its flexible model and customer-centric 30-minute delivery promise.

Positioned as a neighborhood market, Yummy.com features a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meat, packaged, gourmet and organic groceries, and offers a promise of delivery in about 30 minutes, giving local customers what they want, when they want it. Each Yummy.com location includes a storefront featuring thousands of grocery items, including fresh produce, fresh meat, packaged groceries, pet supplies, over-the-counter medications, cleaning products and household necessities. With the addition of the Silver Lake store, Yummy.com fulfills approximately 20,000 same-day orders each month from four locations, including Hollywood (delivery only), Santa Monica (storefront and delivery), and Playa Vista (storefront and delivery).

With nearly 30 years of combined experience in the online retail, grocery and same-day fulfillment categories, Yummy.com says its executives have a proven track record developing online grocery and fulfillment companies, including Yummy.com, HomeGrocer.com and Pink Dot. CEO Montgomery and COO Arthur Zonneveld founded Yummy.com in 2002 with a vision to bring the convenience of same-day delivery to the consumer grocery experience. Central to this vision, they say, was the understanding that a successful fulfillment system must reliably fulfill orders “on-demand” rather than at the retailer’s convenience.


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