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Frieda’s Helps Green Dragon Apple Sales With New Stickers

Green Dragon Apples

Green Dragon Apples and Baby Green Dragon Apples are back in season in good supply, according to Frieda’s Specialty Produce. To help boost sales and make these apples stand out at retail, Frieda’s has redesigned the labels to educate shoppers and produce personnel on the naturally-freckled skin of the Green Dragon Apples.

Green Dragon Apple Label“Shoppers often mistake the freckles on Green Dragon Apples for scarring or imperfection—the stickers will inform them that the apples are perfect as they are,” says Karen Caplan, Frieda’s president and CEO. “This is a perfect example of why it is tremendously important to educate shoppers through labels and packaging. Shoppers are more likely to put the items in the cart if they are informed about the product.”

The Green Dragon Apples are popular with shoppers because of their intense apple aroma and sweet and crisp, juicy texture, according to Frieda’s. These heirloom apples resemble lime-green Golden Delicious apples, dotted with brown freckles. They have firm, white, bruise-resistant flesh and a sweet, low-acid flavor with hints of pineapple and pear.

“While this year’s crop is larger than last year’s, these heirloom apples are in high demand so we are encouraging pre-booking,” adds Caplan.

Retailers can contact their Frieda’s account manager to receive an information sheet and other marketing materials to support Green Dragon Apple sales.


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