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P&G Debuts Followup To ‘Best Job’ Ad Campaign

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Marking a month until the start of the Olympic Winter Games, Procter & Gamble, a worldwide Olympic partner and the company behind brands like Duracell, Vicks and Bounty, has unveiled the short online film and new commercial, “Pick Them Back Up.” The new film follows the company’s “Best Job” film and celebrates how moms are there along the journey to pick their kids back up and encourage them to try again.

Building on the momentum of the Emmy award-winning short film “Best Job,” which debuted prior to the London 2012 Olympic Games and garnered more than 21 million views, P&G is introducing the latest installment in the “Thank You Mom” campaign, “Pick Them Back Up.” The new film depicts the stories of four moms of athletes from around the world and shows their journey to achieve their dreams and the important role moms play along the way.

“I could see myself—and my mom—in the new P&G piece,” said Lindsey Vonn, U.S. Olympic Gold medalist in alpine skiing. “As a child, and even with my recent injuries, my mom has always been there encouraging me to get back up when I fell. Her personal stories of resilience and her constant support make me want to pick myself up and keep going.”

“Mom’s contributions to their kids’ lives are full of incredible sacrifices,” added Jodi Allen, P&G VP of North American marketing and brand operations. “We’re so moved by these moms and the way they help their children overcome obstacles to achieve their dreams. As athletes are named to Team USA, we celebrate the person that helped get each athlete there and who picked them up each time they fell—mom.”

“Pick Them Back Up” will appear in short form as television commercials in more than 20 countries across the world. The spot is available online on P&G’s YouTube channel and also will be aired on U.S. television, with a debut during the Golden Globes on Jan. 12. The film also features music created by the same world-renowned composer from “Best Job,” Ludovico Einaudi. Known for his emotive and effortlessly lyrical music, Einaudi’s new composition evokes the love, passion and commitment that moms have for their children, according to P&G.

“When I saw the commercial for the first time, it immediately brought back memories of Evan’s figure skating journey,” said Tanya Lysacek, mother of U.S. Olympic champion Evan Lysacek. “This film really captures what we’ve gone through with Evan. I always say that skating is a sport of failure and you have to fall many, many times before you can really make an element perfect. But that’s true for all children—they need to fall again and again in life, and our job as moms is to pick them back up, dust them off and send them off to try again.”

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