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Kettle Brand Adds Sriracha, Krinkle Cut Sweet Chili Garlic To Chip Line

Kettle Brand new flavors

Inspired by the popular Asian sauces, Kettle Brand is rolling out Sriracha and Krinkle Cut Sweet Chili Garlic potato chips. The new additions are crafted to authentically replicate the bold, complex flavors of their condiment counterparts.

• Sriracha: An addition to Kettle Brand’s collection of spiciest flavors, Sriracha chips carry a bold chili-garlic-vinegar flavor.

• Sweet Chili Garlic: Based on the subtly sweet Asian sauce, a blend of layered flavors delivers pungent garlic and an enduring sweetness.

Like all Kettle Brand Chips, Sriracha and Krinkle Cut Sweet Chili Garlic chips are made with natural ingredients and without artificial flavors or preservatives. Both also are verified by the Non-GMO Project and are available in 5-oz. and 8.5-oz. bags nationwide in select retailers for a SRP of $2.69-$3.49.


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A former newspaper editor and publisher, she once enjoyed leisurely perusing the grocery store aisles but, since having a baby in 2016, she is now an enthusiastic click-and-collect shopper.


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  • I recently became a BIG fan of Sweet Chili Garlic chips. I repeated my buy a few times…but now my market Stater Bros.on El Camino Real in Oceanside Ca no longer has them. Can you tell me WHY and when can I find them again.

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