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Chairman’s Reserve Premium Meats Launches ‘Never Settle’ Summer Grilling Promo

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This summer, Tyson Fresh Meats Inc. says it’s helping consumers aim for greatness at the grill with a new Chairman’s Reserve Premium Meats “Never Settle” promotion. The promotion encourages consumers to reward themselves and never settle for less than premium quality fresh beef and pork on the grill. The “Never Settle” promotion runs through July 4 and is the first of two promotions centered on the brand’s commitment to providing consumers top quality fresh beef and pork.

“We know there are a significant number of consumers who always seek only the best, and this includes fresh meat,” said Kent Harrison, VP of marketing and premium programs at Tyson Fresh Meats. “When those consumers choose Chairman’s Reserve Premium Meats, they are getting consistent, high quality, premium fresh meat they can be proud to serve their families and friends. Our new promotion celebrates this brand commitment and promise to our consumers.”

The “Never Settle” promotion features several point-of-sale elements, including a poster, on-pack sticker, wobbler and ironman. Consumers can view a video on the “Never Settle” promotion and get more information about Chairman’s Reserve Premium Meats by going here.

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