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Orbis Rolls Out New Line Of Retail Display Pallets


Orbis Corp., an international manufacturer of sustainable reusable packaging and an expert in supply chain optimization, has introduced a new line of plastic display pallets that allow marketers an easy and attractive transport-to-floor solution for in-aisle or end-of-aisle displays.

ORBIS 42x30 Small Format Retail Pallet_6x3.5The all-plastic modular display pallets are available in 24” x 24”, 24” x 48” and 48” x 48” footprints to accommodate a wide range of POP displays and structures.

Featuring a flat, smooth surface, Orbis all-plastic display pallets allow for easy setup in a warehouse or co-packing facility. Once they are transported to the retailer, they can be moved directly to the sales floor; ultimately providing convenience that reduces labor costs and maximizes storage space. In addition, the ability to move from truck to the retail floor seamlessly reduces packaging waste by eliminating excessive wood pallet disposal, Wisconsin-based Orbis says.

Complete with contoured corners, Orbis’ display pallets won’t damage product loads and are shopper-friendly. Made from durable non-porous plastic, they provide efficient material handling that can withstand the stressors of a retail environment. Their heavy-duty, solid-body construction accommodates a variety of load sizes and weights.

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