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National Kale Day Grows With Second Annual Event Wednesday

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NKD_PestoRecipe_LowKale has become one of the most popular superfoods, and a grassroots movement of dedicated followers is celebrating with the second annual National Kale Day on Wednesday.

The grassroots idea of National Kale Day was spearheaded by Dr. Drew Ramsey and Chef Jennifer Iserloh, authors of the bestselling book “50 Shades of Kale.” In 2013 Ramsey and Iserloh, along with a dedicated army of kale lovers hosted the first event last October and reached hundreds of thousands of consumers and gained millions of impressions for kale. Ramsey says this year’s National Kale Day will be bigger and better, especially with the support of sponsors like EVEN Hotels and kale farmers San Miguel Produce of Oxnard, Calif., and WP Rawl & Sons of Pelion, S.C.

National Kale Day 2014 will include events, both interacting online and in large groups, all across the nation. The day kicks off with a fresh kale giveaway in the Los Angeles area and a YouTube broadcast of  “The Year in Kale” highlighting some favorite 2014 moments from Kale’s biggest fans and hottest stars. That leads into lunch with the #KaleDay2014 Brown Bag Lunch Twitter Party at 1 p.m. (ET). The Twitter party will be hosted by Courtney Crozier, a former contestant on “The Biggest Loser” Season 11 and a kale super fan.

But online fans won’t be the only ones celebrating a kale lunch. Schools and universities around the country will be featuring kale on the menu. In fact, New York City Public Schools will feature a kale and citrus salad that will be offered to more than one million students, and students in Missoula, Mont., will celebrate with kale chips prepared from kale grown in schoolyard gardens.

The day heads into the evening with a Kale Health Update livestream at 6 p.m. (ET) hosted by Ramsey. Thousands of physicians and healthcare providers nationwide will answer questions and dispel myths and rumors about the green superfood. The evening concludes with kale celebrations in New York City, Atlanta and Woodbridge, Conn., to name a few.

National Kale Day is about community involvement and social sharing as farmers, retailers, brands and consumers connect, according to organizers.

“The focus of these events and this day-long celebration is about celebrating kale, but it’s also about conversations about healthy eating as part of a healthy lifestyle.” Ramsey said. “Lifestyle changes and wellness are some of the toughest yet often most needed changes in people’s lives. Kale provides a lot of the essential nutrients and benefits that many people are lacking to be their healthiest self.”

Since last year’s celebration, 400 percent more restaurants are serving kale nationwide and the overall consumption of kale is up nearly 40 percent. This year the committee and advocates of National Kale Day hope to bring more attention to the leafy superfood and get one step closer to becoming a happier and healthier nation.

‘Hail to Kale’ with Robinson Fresh

Hail to Kale Point-of-Sale PosterIn recognition of National Kale Day, Robinson Fresh, exclusive marketer of Glory Foods bagged kale greens, has launched “Hail to Kale,” an interactive and promotional marketing campaign designed for retail customers to educate and engage with their customers.

Robinson Fresh will provide participating retailers with interactive Glory Foods branded point-of-sale posters and social media templates in order to drive retail sales and brand awareness.

Robinson Fresh also will promote National Kale Day and the Glory Foods brand on LinkedIn and Twitter at @WeSpeakFresh in order to build consumer awareness of the holiday and provide information about kale’s benefits.

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