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EnforcerOne Introduces FireAde200 Fire Extinguisher

FireAde Household Can

EnforcerOne has rolled out the FireAde2000, an easy-to-use fire extinguisher that operates like a familiar wasp spray can, allowing users to stand further away from the fire, up to 15 feet, and direct a spray of environmentally friendly foam at the fire.

FireAde2000 displays are available through grocery distributors like SpartanNash, or from EnforcerOne offices in Fayetteville Georgia. EnforcerOne says 24- or 36-count of 16-oz. canisters in a stand-up display can be featured next to fireworks displays for quick sales, particularly as the Fourth of July holiday approaches.

FireAde2000 features Green Agent Technology. It is environmentally formulated of 98 percent organic compounds, contains no PFOA or PFOS. FireAde2000 contains no hazardous chemicals, is biodegradable and encompasses only waterbed and food-grade ingredients. It’s safe to use near pets, plants and people.

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