McLane Debuts McLane Kitchen

McLane Grocery Distribution, a business unit of McLane Co., has launched the McLane Kitchen for its customers in the convenience, grocery, drug and mass market channels.

The McLane Kitchen says it approaches food service from the consumer’s point of view in terms of types of foods preferred and by daypart. It provides useful category insights on consumption trends and top-selling national brands and programs. Additionally, McLane Kitchen solutions are customized to fit each retailer’s unique food service-at-retail objectives.

“With over 175 food service supplier relationships which include industry-leading food, beverage and equipment suppliers, McLane is in a position to offer a variety of high-quality, adaptable and cost-effective programs to our customers—regardless of their size,” said Grant Demers, merchandising director for McLane Grocery Distribution.

Holly Veale, McLane merchandising manager, added, “Our communication efforts include a restaurant-style menu that displays offerings and programs as meal opportunities—breakfast, lunch, appetizers, snacks, desserts and around-the-clock favorites. In addition, we’ve developed an entertaining and educational video series, ‘McLane Kitchen, on a Mission.’”

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Mike Berger

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