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Ready Pac Foods To Provide Job Opportunities For Refugees

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Ready Pac Foods says it will open its employment doors for refugees relocating to the U.S. from the current crisis in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. The fresh foods company headquarters in Irwindale, California, has committed to train and hire refugees from among the 10,000 Syrian refugees expected from the recent White House announcement.

As part of the training, Ready Pac Foods will provide practical resources and expertise to a number of positions within its manufacturing business. Additionally, Ready Pac Foods says it will work to create long-term jobs for those in need.

“We feel the responsibility to help others in need. With the influx of refugees coming to the United States, we want to help them build a future in their new home,” said Tony Sarsam, CEO of Ready Pac Foods. “Ready Pac Foods is committed to opening its doors and providing a place to grow and prosper.”

With four processing facilities located across the nation—Irwindale, California; Florence, New Jersey; Swedesboro, New Jersey (Innovation Center); and Jackson, Georgia—the company has a number of avenues to provide opportunities for growth and expansion for new recruits and employees. Ready Pac’s growth and expansion across the country is governed by its mission to give people the freedom to eat healthier, according to the company.

Ready Pac has been a premier producer of convenience fresh foods, including fresh-cut produce, for  more than 45 years. The company manufactures a complete range of value-added products featuring fresh produce and protein; offerings include fresh-cut salads, fruits, vegetables, snacking and complete meals that are distributed in supermarkets and restaurant chains across North America.

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