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Facts Up Front Featured On Lifetime

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A Lifetime show airing this month features Facts Up Front and how this innovative front-of-pack labeling can help people shop for food and prepare balanced and healthier meals, according to the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA).

The Balancing Act segment first aired Oct. 8 and will be broadcast again on Oct. 15, in addition to being broadcast in syndication in local television markets across the country.

Facts Up Front is a voluntary initiative created and led by GMA, which represents the nation’s leading food, beverage and consumer goods companies, and the Food Marketing Institute, which represents more than 1,500 food wholesalers and retailers. The facts such as calories, saturated fat, sodium and sugars on the front of food and beverage products are grounded in consensus nutrition science and are straight from the Nutrition Facts Panel. Products bearing the Facts Up Front label are in stores nationwide.

The Balancing Act segment on Lifetime is hosted by Olga Villaverde and features registered dietitian Kimberly Kirchherr. It provides an overview of the Facts Up Front initiative, explaining how it can become a part of any shopper’s current habits. Villaverde and Kirchherr take viewers through the full meal time experience—starting at the grocery store and continuing through meal preparation and serving. The segment gives viewers a simple, easy-to-follow explanation of what Facts Up Front is, why it is beneficial and how it can become a part of their routine.

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