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BioHiTech Helps Dunkin’ Donuts Divert Food Waste, And More…

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BioHiTech America is installing its new commercial food waste disposal solution to the second Dunkin’ Donuts location in New Jersey. BioHitech America’s solution will divert all of the store’s coffee grounds and other food waste through the Eco-Safe Digester by converting the waste into grey water and transporting it through the standard sewer lines. There is not only less waste going to landfills, but each Dunkin’ Donuts location can save money in reduced hauling fees since there is less waste to be picked up, reduce labor costs from eliminating the repetitive trips to the dumpster and reduce services associated with pest control…

The Organic & Natural Health Association will host its first national conference Jan. 26-27 at the Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village in Florida. On the second day of the retreat, morning business session topics will include execution of the Organic & Natural research agenda (including tax and legal issues related to research), a presentation by Organic & Natural’s new lab partner Health Research Institute, a discussion on the association’s definition of “natural” and an update on legislative and regulatory activity…

The Specialty Food Foundation has awarded grants amounting to $400,000 to 23 organizations in 14 states. The initial grants, made last year, totaled $250,000 and were awarded to 14 recipients. The foundation works to reduce hunger and increase food recovery efforts. Among the new recipients are America’s Grow-a-Row, which grows and gleans fresh produce to donate to “food deserts” in New Jersey, and Food Recovery Network, which through 160 chapters unites students on college campuses to recover surplus food and donate it to hunger-fighting nonprofits.

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