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NatureSweet Cherubs, Glorys And SunBursts Sport Holiday Packaging

NatureSweet Tomatoes has revealed its limited edition, seasonal packaging: a snowflake pattern and gold foil labels for Cherubs, Glorys and SunBursts. The winter packaging promotion runs through Dec. 18.

Colorful three-case shipper displays and mini pallet wraps sporting a seasonal look will be sent to retailers ordering these tomatoes. POS cards and recipe tear pads also will be included.

The San Antonio, Texas-based company said its greenhouse growing practices allow tomatoes to be cultivated and handpicked year-round, ensuring freshness and consistent taste even in the winter months.

“The secret to our growing success is simple—we take great care of our tomatoes from seed to shelf. This is how we’re able to consistently offer the best tasting tomatoes in the world, every day all year round,” said Michael Joergensen, VP of marketing. “We hope that our consumers revel in the spirit of the season with our tomatoes gracing their tables, whether it’s set for a special family gathering or a simple meal on a cold winter night.”

NatureSweet tomatoes are grown, harvested and packaged by more than 6,000 full-time associates, and are sold at major grocers, mass retailers, club stores and food service operators in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

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