Tomra Launches Flow Technology For Retail RVMs


Tomra Systems of Shelton, Connecticut, a global provider of reverse vending machines (RVMs) and sensor-based sorting equipment, has launched a new generation of RVMs with Flow Technology.

Flow Technology provides 360-degree recognition of containers, allowing RVMs to rapidly recognize bottles and cans of varying shapes and sizes, and accept up to 60 recyclable beverage containers per minute. The new technology makes it possible for the RVMs to read container shape, material, barcodes and security marks without rotating the containers, allowing the user to insert recyclables in a rapid continuous flow.

Tomra is now offering three RVMs with this technology: the T-9 Bottle, the T-9 Combi and the T-90. The T-9 Bottle for single containers and the T-9 Combi for single containers and crates are designed to work with backroom storage systems, such as Tomra MultiPac or ProPac, and do not come with internal storage bins. The T-90 is a wide-body machine with an internal storage bin, optimized for supermarkets or other retail stores in the U.S. that do not have space for backroom storage. All three machines accept bottles, cans and other containers of varying shapes and sizes.

“The Flow Technology machines are super fast because they do not need to spin the containers in order to identify them, accept them and calculate the refund amount,” said Harald Henriksen, CEO at Tomra of North America. “All three Flow Technology models can process containers at a rate of up to 60 containers per minute, making them the fastest RVMs available on the market today. Consumers with bags full of recyclable containers appreciate the Flow Technology’s speed and ease of use, particularly during peak times of day.”

RVMs with Flow Technology feature large, high-resolution color touch display screens with video capability to make it easy for customers to see that containers have been accepted, and that the deposit return amount is correctly registered.

The outside of the T-90 is easy to keep clean. The machine is smooth and flat, which prevents dirt buildup and makes it easier to wipe down. The internal workings also are straightforward to clean, thanks to convenient interior lights; plus, there are fewer moving parts than earlier generations of RVMs.

At any time, personnel can use the machine’s external display screen to determine which internal areas of the machine need cleaning. The internal conveyor can be easily removed and cleaned when needed.

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