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Piggly Wiggly Expands Partnership With MyWebGrocer

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MyWebGrocer, a leading provider of e-commerce and digital marketing solutions to the grocery and CPG industries, has signed a three-year contract extension of its platform and services with independent Piggly Wiggly stores in South Carolina and coastal Georgia, which have utilized MyWebGrocer’s services to attract, engage, transact with and retain grocery shoppers since 2008, when it introduced online shopping in 10 of its stores. Today, the partnership has expanded to include 40 stores following strong sales results driven by e-commerce and an improved digital presence, according to the organizations. As a next step, the chain has plans to build a mobile responsive website.

“When Piggly Wiggly began offering online shopping, it was important for us to work with a technology partner that has a proven platform and a team that has unparalleled experience in grocery e-commerce that is committed to our success,” said Bethany Harmon, online programs manager, on behalf of the Piggly Wiggly stores. “Grocery e-commerce is the future and, as our customers become increasingly digital and mobile, the broad set of capabilities MyWebGrocer offers—from e-commerce to marketing—will keep us a step ahead.”

MyWebGrocer says its digital experience platform is ideal for chains like the Piggly Wiggly stores that are operating click-and-collect programs at scale and require deep grocery e-commerce functionality combined with robust order management fulfillment capabilities. The platform also enables Piggly Wiggly stores to offer advanced search, prepared food ordering, cross-promotion, price change reconciliation and both in-store and online past purchase information to its customers. These stores also provide added convenience for customers who prefer to plan online and shop in the store through list building and planning tools like digital circulars and recipes.

In addition to e-commerce, Piggly Wiggly has partnered with MyWebGrocer to offer its CPG brand partners the ability to connect with shoppers directly on its website through contextually relevant, personalized advertising.

“Piggly Wiggly is a strong, ongoing partnership for MyWebGrocer,” said Eric Healy, president of MyWebGrocer. “Our team is excited for the opportunity to help Piggly Wiggly differentiate from competitors with a platform that offers the full breadth and depth of capabilities that the digital grocery shopping experience demands.”

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A former newspaper editor and publisher, she once enjoyed leisurely perusing the grocery store aisles but, since having a baby in 2016, she is now an enthusiastic click-and-collect shopper.

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