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TV Personality, Grocery Industry Veteran Launch ‘Wholesome’ Food Brand

TEN Ag Tech, a consumer-to-farm (C2F) traceability company, has teamed up with HarCal Enterprises, founded by TV personality Steve Harvey and grocery industry veteran Greg Calhoun, a supermarket owner in Alabama, to launch a new line of food products—Just Ordinary. The brand will offer a range of wholesome, cost-effective foods designed to provide mass market consumers with increased information about the freshness, origin and safety of their food products using TEN’s proprietary traceability technology.

The Just Ordinary brand is your friend in the kitchen,” said Harvey.

The first Just Ordinary product to launch will be fresh shell eggs, which will be packed in zero carbon footprint cartons. Each Just Ordinary egg will feature a chemical-free freshness date and a True Grade C2F trace code printed with TEN’s laser technology. Consumers can enter the trace code into an online “Egg Tracer” at to find out everything there is to know about the egg, including the date laid, recall status, source farm, hen breed, egg color, housing, veterinary care, packing info, grade, size and brand authenticity. According to the company, TEN Ag Tech’s True Grade trace code technology empowers consumers with meaningful, immediate and transparent insight into the origin of the food they’re buying. Additionally, retailers will have the ability to provide consumers with their own unique message printed on six eggs in every carton.

With a focus on animal welfare and a goal to create value for those operating on a restricted budget, Just Ordinary intends to establish supply from enriched colony housing as the lowest acceptable standard for its eggs. This type of housing was originally mandated via animal welfare legislation in California, and it establishes a minimum standard in terms of perches for roosting, private areas for laying and room for hens to spread their wings.

“We believe that everyone deserves accountability when it comes to the freshness and safety of the food they’re buying,” said Jonathan Phillips, president and CEO of TEN Ag Tech. “With our technology providing the transparent information that consumers are demanding, plus the powerhouse team of Steve Harvey and Greg Calhoun, we believe that Just Ordinary has huge potential and is delivering a unique value in the premium commodity segment.”

Just Ordinary is anticipating nationwide distribution for its shell eggs in 2016 and then plans to expand into coffee, meat products and citrus fruits. TEN Ag Tech says its C2F True Grade technology will be especially powerful in those categories, highlighting items like pesticide and herbicide use, deforestation and other information relative to the real-time safety of products, including their impact on consumers’ health and the health of the planet.

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