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Blue Bunny Relaunches Brand

Blue Bunny

Last updated on June 14th, 2024 at 09:43 am

Blue Bunny, known for creations like Mini Swirls cones and Bunny Tracks ice cream, is relaunching its brand through product enhancement, packaging innovation and the introduction of a brand ambassador named Blu. To commemorate the relaunch, Blu is appearing in Blue Bunny’s new advertising campaign.

Blue Bunny ice cream is produced by family-owned and -operated Wells Enterprises in Le Mars, Iowa. Le Mars, population 9,800 and 25 miles northeast of Sioux City, has been declared the “Ice Cream Capital of the World.”

“When people think of ice cream they think of fun. That’s where Blue Bunny comes in,” said Adam Baumgartner, VP of marketing for Blue Bunny. “We’ve relaunched the Blue Bunny brand having been inspired by ice cream fans and their desire to have more fun with their frozen treat. We asked, and then earnestly listened to ice cream enthusiasts, and we heard them say they want their ice cream to be more light-hearted. More fun. And they want it to come in packaging that clearly conveys there’s good stuff waiting for them inside.

“We poured these consumer insights into our recipe for relaunch,” he added, “and now Blue Bunny’s improved flavors, shapes and sizes of fun-stuffed ice cream are available nationwide.”

Blue Bunny is introducing Funwich, a new fusion of cookie and ice cream. The ice cream novelty is a chocolate chip cookie layered with vanilla ice cream, all dipped in a milk chocolate coating, on a stick.

The ice cream brand says it is putting a new twist on the Mini Swirl. Aptly named the Big Swirl, the new item brings the ice cream shop dip cone to grocers’ freezers, Blue Bunny says. A larger version of the Mini Swirl, it consists of swirls of vanilla ice cream dipped in a milk chocolate coating, all inside a sugar cone.

Additionally, the brand says its packaged ice cream innovations include new and improved flavors, and fan favorites from among Blue Bunny’s four-dozen packaged selections include Bunny Tracks, Mocha Me Hoppy, Cherry Pickin’ Chocolate, Salted Caramel Craze, Blu’s Birthday Party and Super Fudge Brownie. The brand also will offer on-trend, limited-edition flavors, including Vanilla Cupcake, Coco Mango and Cherrific Cheesecake.

“To meet ice cream aficionados demand for more variety of quality, fun-stuffed ice creams, we improved many of our existing ice cream flavors and created new and equally tasty ones,” said Baumgartner. “In general we stuffed more ingredient pieces and swirled more gooey ribbons into our packaged ice creams. Depending upon the flavor, there’s more pieces of cake, cherries, chocolate chips or pecans. More swirls of chocolate, fudge, peanut butter, strawberry or sea salt caramel. And no matter the flavor, all of our ice cream begins with fresh milk.”

Blue Bunny ice cream is still produced locally in Le Mars.

“We source our fresh milk from trusted, neighboring dairy farms, which lets ice cream lovers also count on us for farm-to-freezer ice cream,” said Baumgartner.

Blue Bunny is showcasing its 46-oz. and new quart-sized line of fun-stuffed packaged ice creams in see-through packaging to let consumers establish at point of purchase that Blue Bunny ice creams are fun-stuffed quality through and through, the company says. The transparent containers are recyclable and BPA free as well.

The brand relaunch also features an evolved logo reflective of the brand’s history and future: 80 years ago a child suggested the playful name, Blue Bunny. Accordingly, the brand’s logo has evolved to be playfully bunny-like in shape. It even grew ears.

To support the brand refresh, Blue Bunny in mid-March launched a comprehensive national media campaign that features its long-standing, but never-featured-before, brand ambassador, Blu—a real bunny akin to the rabbit in a 1930s shop window that inspired a child to suggest the brand’s Blue Bunny moniker.

“We were founded in fun and are on a mission to bring joy to everyday life through ice cream,” said Baumgartner.

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