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FMI’s New Power Of Fresh Prepared/Deli Study To Be Released This Fall

FMI’s New Power Of Fresh Prepared/Deli Study To Be Released This Fall

As the number of meals prepared away from home grows and consumers seek new methods of convenience, the supermarket industry will continue to identify improved ways to track consumer dynamics, convenience and household trends that have had a profound impact on meal preparation and shopping behaviors regarding fresh prepared foods.

The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) has commissioned research that will delve into insights on consumer buying behaviors for fresh prepared food choices to better identify the decisions consumers are making and how they are determining where and what they will eat. The research will be compiled into a new Power of Fresh Prepared/Deli report that FMI and 210 Analytics will release this fall. It will include quantitative data provided by Nielsen on actual sales.

The study was introduced while FMI was presenting its annual Power of Produce report at FMI Connect in Chicago.

“We’re excited to be adding to our ‘power of’ series exploring how grocery stores can help empower their customers and solve their daily meal planning challenges,” said FMI VP of Fresh Foods Rick Stein.

The combination of the Nielsen data and fresh information from consumers on their decision process will offer research that the industry is hungry for, FMI said.

“The deli department, specifically deli prepared foods, plays such an important role in total store health and the growth of overall fresh and total food,” said Sarah Schmansky, director of account services, Nielsen Perishables Group. “The continued evolution of convenient and healthy deli snack/meal offerings provides varied options to fit changing consumer lifestyles and builds bigger grocery baskets for retailers.

“Deli prepared is also a great space to test new ideas and bring new concepts and flavors to consumers. Best-in-class fresh retailers prioritize the deli, as innovation in the space can truly differentiate a retailer from the competition, making the deli an in-store destination for consumers and a sales growth engine for the store,” Schmansky added.

According to the research:

  • Sales of fresh prepared are the fastest growing segment in the supermarket.
  • All trend reports show consumers are purchasing meals prepared away from home more than ever.
  • There are distinct generational differences.
  • Consumers are deciding where to purchase, what to purchase and where to eat their purchase. How do they decide what they are going to do and where they are going to do it?

FMI said supermarkets need this information to help make decisions that will continue the unprecedented growth in this area of the store.

Shelby Publishing and Hussmann are among the sponsors of the Power of Fresh Prepared/Deli report.

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