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BJ’s Wholesale Club To Partner with Dunkin’ Donuts, And More…

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BJ’s Wholesale Club will be converting the food courts in select clubs into Dunkin’ Donuts shops or kiosks. The first club  conversions will be in Northborough, Massachusetts. BJ’s newest club in Kearny, New Jersey, will open with a Dunkin’ Donuts shop later this summer. “Dunkin’ is an outstanding brand, which provides superior service, products and value, making it an excellent fit with our members,” said Chris Baldwin, president and CEO of BJ’s Wholesale Club…

On July 15, a national coalition of right-to-know activists representing more than 100 organizations delivered petitions, signed by 250,000 people to President Barack Obama at the White House. The petitions asked the President to veto a bill, which these groups call the DARK Act because, according to the coalition, it “would deny Americans the Right to Know about GMO foods.” The bill was endorsed by both the House and Senate and is awaiting the president’s signature…

The Dannon Co. says that new Dannon and Oikos branded products with non-GMO ingredients now are available for the first time. All Dannon products in the U.S. that have GMO ingredients will be clearly labeled as such. Starting in 2017 and completing the transformation by the end of 2018, Dannon says it will ensure that the cows that supply Dannon’s milk for these three flagship brands will be fed non-GMO feed, a first for Dannon. This will involve the conversion of an estimated 80,000 acres of farmland to produce non-GMO crops in order to provide non-GMO feed for the milk used to make Dannon, Oikos and Danimals brand products.

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  • We don’t need more dunkin donuts, we have them pretty much at every gas station, every supermarket and stores every couple of blocks from each other. This is a bad option for BJ’s like there competitor said, the food court Is a important part of the business, many people come in for a hot dog or pizza or chicken at a low cost then end up shopping for other items. BJ’s took the other option to get rid of the food court and put something that is every couple of blocks away in every direction. No one is going to go to BJ’s for a donut or coffee, but they would go in for the other food items that have now been removed. I know after work I would run into BJ’s do shopping then hit the food court for dinner, with that option gone I will longer go to BJ’s but go to there competition that does have a food court. So Bye Bye Bj’s it was nice knowing you.

    • Totally agree with you. I didn’t know why they pulled the food court out of the bjs here in New Jersey, then they put in a dunkin Donuts instead. Now people just walk by and purchase nothing, I used to go in for a hot dog combo for a quick bite and then shop. Why would I go in to get coffee and doughnuts when there on every other block. I just purchases a Costco membership because it was just as close and they didn’t sell out to a saturated doughnut market.

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