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Study: Consumers Blame Restaurants For Third-Party Delivery Mistakes

Technomic’s recently completed “On Demand Delivery: Disrupting the Future of Foodservice” study confirms that, even if restaurants have a formal agreement with third-party ordering portals and delivery services, the majority of consumers (76 percent) hold the restaurant at least partially responsible for any errors.

“This puts operators’ brand reputation at risk each time a customer orders delivery through these services,” said Melissa Wilson, a principal at Technomic. “Even if delivery is not a current strategic initiative, operators should educate themselves about and understand the dynamics of the third-party delivery market so they can put guardrails in place to maintain quality and brand reputation.”

Additional findings from the study include:

• Third-party services are generating additional business for casual dining restaurants and other concepts that do not offer delivery. More than a third (34 percent) of third-party users reported ordering from casual dining restaurants and 14 percent had ordered from family-style restaurants that do not offer delivery on their own.

• Chain restaurants are nearly twice as likely as independents to receive delivery orders: two-thirds of delivery orders either placed directly with a restaurant (69 percent) or via a third-party service (66 percent) were from a chain restaurant.

• One in five third-party service users ordered a burger: Although pizza still dominates the restaurant delivery space, third-party service users are taking advantage of the wider variety of options available and ordering items that restaurants have hesitated to offer for delivery themselves.

The data, rankings and insights provided in the study were developed using primary research, including qualitative research with third-party delivery customers, and an online survey with 2,800 consumers who use either third-party delivery or restaurant-operated delivery services.

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