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Progresso Introduces Vegan ‘Good Natured’ Soups


Progresso has created veggie-centric Good Natured soups with three-fourths-cup of vegetables per serving.

Available in three flavors—Hearty Tomato with Spinach and Roasted Garlic, Hearty Corn and Chipotle Chowder, and Hearty Lentil with Garden Vegetables—Good Natured soups are vegan, using different bean bases and vegetable purees to achieve a hearty and creamy texture, all while not using any dairy ingredients. Good Natured soups also have no preservatives or colors from artificial sources.

“We know that consumers are more interested in plant-based diets. With Good Natured soups, we’re celebrating vegetables and showing that beans are not boring and lentils can be fun,” said Roger Galloway, Progresso’s marketing manager. “Whether you start your Mondays going meatless or recently started pinning vegetarian inspiration, our unique flavors will satisfy your hearty appetite.”

Good Natured soup is available nationally in the soup aisle and has a suggested retail price of $3.29 per 17-oz. carton (2 servings).


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Kristen Cloud

A former newspaper editor and publisher who has handled digital duties for The Shelby Report since 2011. She once enjoyed leisurely perusing the grocery store aisles but, since having a baby in 2016, is now an enthusiastic click-and-collect shopper.

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