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Stonyfield To Cut Sugar Across Yogurt Portfolio


Stonyfield of Londonderry, New Hampshire, recently announced a comprehensive plan to reduce added sugar across its yogurt portfolio.

Stonyfield is working to reduce sugar in all of its yogurt offerings this year and already offers plain, unsweetened options in its Stonyfield YoBaby, Stonyfield Greek and Stonyfield core lines.

“The commitment to reducing sugar across the product portfolio was born from Stonyfield’s mission to continually provide healthier food both for our consumers and the planet,” said Nichole Cirillo, Stonyfield’s newly appointed mission director. “We are achieving a lower amount of added sugar in all Stonyfield yogurt without compromising taste or organic standards and are working toward purchasing 25 percent less sugar as a company this year.”

By the end of the fall, Stonyfield Smooth and Creamy varieties in cups and quarts and low fat will have at least 25 percent less sugar than previous recipes. Stonyfield says all of its yogurts will continue to be made with certified organic ingredients—with no artificial flavors or hormones, no preservatives, no toxic persistent pesticides and no GMOs.

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