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Dietz & Watson Axes Supplier After Possible Listeria Incident


Following a possible Listeria incident, Dietz & Watson has decided to end its relationship with cheese maker Deutsch Kase Haus. In February, two products produced by Deutsch Kase Haus under the Dietz & Watson label—Colby and Colby Jack cheeses for service deli—were voluntarily recalled because they may have contained Listeria.

“We are known as a preparer and purveyor of premium items, so we will make proper adjustments to our business relationships whenever anything happens that brings that premium and gourmet quality into question,” said Dietz & Watson CEO Louis Eni, a third-generation family member who runs the company.

He added, “They only made these two products for us, and we are working on a partnership with another cheese maker to begin supplying us with improved items. After an intense search and extensive sampling, we are just about ready to make the choice of a new Colby supplier, and we are really excited to begin working with them.”

Dietz & Watson prepares the majority of its branded product at its Philadelphia and Baltimore facilities, but a handful of specialty items, like the two Colby products, are sourced through third-party suppliers, including Deutsch Kase Haus. There has never been a recall of any Dietz & Watson-produced product.

“We’re now in the fourth generation of our family company, and we really do take pride in being purveyors of the finest deli items you can find and we try hard to meet and surpass that standard day in and day out,” said Eni. “My grandfather started this company in 1939 and instilled this attitude in all of us; the concept that we will always provide our customers with the same quality items we feed our own families.”

The two products in question have sell by dates between Feb. 28 and July 26, 2017, for Colby Mini Horn Cheese, No. 76054; and Feb. 28 and Sept. 27, 2017, for Colby Jack Mini Horn, No. 76064.

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