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GF Buche Co. Promotes McFayden To Operations Manager

Chris McFayden
Chris McFayden

Chris McFayden has been promoted to operations manager for GF Buche Co. He replaces Gregg Drees, who recently retired from the South Dakota grocery chain.

McFayden started at the Gregory Buche Foods in 1996 as a carryout and quickly rose up the ranks to store supervisor. From there, he was promoted to store manager of the Gus Stop in Lake Andes and later store manager of the Wagner Buche Foods. As the company grew, McFayden moved into the corporate position of assistant merchandising manager.

Over the past 20 years, McFayden says he has witnessed his share of events. One of his favorites was giving away cars for GF Buche Co.’s 100th anniversary. Among the most challenging has been clearing out locations that have been sold or closed.

McFayden says he has enjoyed his first 20 years of working at GF Buche Co. and is grateful for the many friendships he has made. He says he has learned that honesty, loyalty and hard work will get you a long way in life. 

McFayden says he lives by the credo of appreciating what you have because it could be a lot worse. He says he’s reminded of that as he recalls RF Buche, company president, in a pink bathing suit sitting on a dunk tank during the annual Buche Foods breast cancer fundraiser promotion.

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