Inserra Supermarkets Bringing Locally Grown Produce To All Of Its ShopRite Stores

Family members and staff of Inserra Supermarkets recently gathered to announce the launch of the locally grown produce program.
Family members and staff of Inserra Supermarkets recently gathered to announce the launch of the locally grown produce program.

Inserra Supermarkets of Mahwah, New Jersey, is bringing locally sourced produce to all of its 22 ShopRite stores this spring and summer.

In New Jersey, the family-owned chain’s 17 ShopRites are located in Bergen, Hudson and Passaic counties. In New York, the company has five stores in Rockland County.

“Consumers can taste the robust flavors and freshness of produce that was picked that same day or the day before,” said Eric Beelitz, director of produce for Inserra Supermarkets. “That taste is important and, of course, really makes a difference.”

Inserra Supermarkets has a long-standing partnership with Abma’s Farm in Wyckoff, Bergen County’s only produce and poultry farm.

As for organic produce and herbs, Inserra Supermarkets mostly sources those items from Zone 7, a distributor that works with more than 120 regional sustainable farms—primarily in New Jersey and Pennsylvania—52 weeks a year.

The company also partners with Guarino Sons Produce Inc., a family-owned and -operated wholesale produce distributor, and regularly sources produce from Winslow Junction Farm, Scordo Farm, Cassaday Farms, Circle M Farms and Pastore Orchards.

“We have forecasted out our needs with all of our growers and are in constant contact with them,” added Beelitz. “As always, we aim to provide the ‘best of the best’ to our customers at an affordable price point.”

For years, Inserra Supermarkets has sold Abma’s produce in some of its ShopRite locations. This summer, the family-owned chain will increase those offerings, particularly Abma’s sweet corn.

“Abma’s Farm will pick the corn at 4 a.m. and deliver it to our stores the same morning,” said Beelitz. “We did this last year with Abma’s, and our customers couldn’t get enough of it.”

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  • I’m very disappointed with Shop Rite and my experience with them. I grew up liking all they believed in and I even met Mr. Inserra when I worked in Ramsey NJ years ago. I would love to speak to someone but EVERYTIME I call I hit a brick wall. My name is Laura DAnnibale Sims and my email is [email protected]

  • The shop rite in W.M is absolutely gross! Dirty , nasty, smelly and the food don’t last more then a day without going bad as far as produce ! Sorry I rather shop in Warwick or Ramsey like a lot of other people do! West Milford is awful shame on them

  • PLEASE put some stores in Florida! Moved out of NJ last summer & I’m not happy with the shopping choices here.

  • I shop in the ShopRite in Ramsey New Jersey every week the produce is very fresh the fish is incredible Just as good as restaurant quality I find the people very helpful and the store very easy to navigate. They have a lot of products that other stores don’t have I would highly recommend anybody shopping there

  • The ShopRite produce in Fair Lawn, NJ is disgusting and unhealthy. The store itself is filthy. I will go out of my way to shop at the following supermarkets rather than ShopRite: Stop & Shop, Kings, Market Basket, and now Wegmans (thank God this has finally opened). I’m assuming the owners (Inserra) do not care about their consumers health. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ll go miles out of my way not to shop at ShopRite in Fair Lawn. Every single piece of produce that I’ve purchased in the past has gone bad within 1 day. The managers don’t care nor do the customer service people. I’ll be reporting this mess to the FDA, the Dept. of Consumer Affairs, and our local Food Inspector in writing. This is a disgrace.

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