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Bulk Nation To Launch ‘Zero Waste Shopping’ Program


When Bulk Nation President Clay Donato started receiving multiple requests for a zero waste shopping option, the bulk foods specialty grocer realized there was growing customer desire to shop in a more eco-friendly way.

On July 10, Tampa-based Bulk Nation is launching a zero waste program in all of its locations in the Tampa Bay and Orlando areas.

“We were receiving social media and in-store requests to shop this way,” said Donato. “Zero waste shopping is a growing movement in the U.S., which is already seeing popularity in Europe and Canada. While we’re not going to be 100 percent zero waste, we’re meeting customer demand to add this as a shopping option.”

Clay Donato
Clay Donato

The Washington, D.C.-based Worldwatch Institute estimates that Americans discard 100 billion plastic bags annually.

“We want to lead the industry to be more proactive in zero waste management,” added Donato. “While a few grocery retailers are ‘quietly’ offering this service, we hope our commitment will lead to more aggressive programs like ours.”

Bulk Nation’s zero waste program will be promoted through social media, in-store signage, bag stuffers and store flyers. The program launch will be in all seven Bulk Nation stores across Florida.

How it works
• A customer brings reusable containers/or organic mesh bags (with ties) to a store.

• The cashier will inspect the containers then tare them (means weighing the container or bag up front so customer is not charged for the weight at check-out).

• Bulk foods are then filled by customers at their chosen quantity.

• At checkout, the purchased product is weighed (less the container weight) and the customer is charged for the weight of only the products purchased.

By buying bulk, customers have the advantage to purchase in the quantity they want as most products are sold by weight.

Bulk Nation plans to open a Clermont store in late July. St. Cloud and Lake City store openings are slated for September.

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