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Niman Ranch Unveils ‘Certified Humane’ Prosciutto

Niman Ranch's Rainbow Room charcuterie and prosciutto chubs
Niman Ranch's Rainbow Room charcuterie chubs.

Alameda, California-based Niman Ranch has debuted Certified Humane prosciutto produced by the company’s network of independent family farmers raising sustainable, heritage breed natural pork. The product was introduced to guests, including more than 100 chefs, at the Rainbow Room in New York City.

Niman Ranch pork is raised humanely and sustainably, resulting in highly marbled legs that are coated in Sicilian Sea Salt to cure in the traditional old world Italian style, says the company. The legs are aged for more than a year to remove the water and intensify the flavor and color.

“The age-old process of dry curing high-quality product intensifies the flavor of our heritage breed pork and results in exceptional flavor,” said Jeff Tripician, Niman Ranch GM. “When consumers were given a choice between Niman Ranch and the top two selling national domestic brands, nearly two out of three consumers preferred NR—62 percent. When tasted head to head with each national brand, consumers preferred Niman Ranch almost three to one. This is a testament to working with family farmers and raising animals with care, which produces better-tasting pork.”

Niman Ranch prosciutto joins a 23-item line of Genoa Salame, Capocollo, Hot Sopressata, Pepperoni and Pancetta. The new products are available in multiple retail and foodservice packages, three snack pack varieties and a lunch kit named “Gourmet Provisions”. Prosciutto is available to chefs immediately and will be in stores and online nationwide by Nov. 1 through family-run distributors.

Niman Ranch pork is sustainable and third-party certified under the Certified Humane program and raised by a community of small, independent U.S. family hog farmers. Animal welfare protocols include: No antibiotics ever; no gestation or farrowing crates; raised outside or deeply bedded pens; never fed animal by-products.

The national product launch is kicking off with a social media campaign using the hashtags #FollowTheNimanLeg and #NimanOnTheRun for the first 25 legs. James Beard award-winning and nominated chefs quietly received a preview of the first three legs from the initial batch of production. Leg number four was carved for guests at the Rainbow Room and announced to the public.

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