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What Are You Really Selling In Your Prepared Foods Department?

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Last updated on January 3rd, 2018 at 09:24 am


Sell the experience, not the product.

We’ve been talking a lot lately about getting shoppers back to our departments using digital pre-shop media, but now what? Tyson Foods research1,2 suggests we need to change the conversation about prepared foods by positioning the products we offer as something more than a last-ditch meal option. From grabbing a quick snack to preparing complete meals and repurposing leftovers in creative ways, prepared foods should be a simple solution that can deliver satisfying results for busy shoppers and their families.

According to Eric LeBlanc, director of marketing for retail foodservice at Tyson Foods Inc., “It’s time to get shoppers thinking about the many ways prepared foods can make their lives easier and happier. It offers them the opportunity to have good food—food they are proud to serve—that supports and fosters time with the family. Meeting these functional and emotional needs creates satisfaction that drives repeat purchases and builds deep loyalty.”

In Tyson Foods’ Prepared Foods Challenge, we Tyson deli/prepared promoviewed our departments through the eyes of shoppers, and found they want dinner to be an important time to gather together with their families, to reconnect and share the comfort of a good meal.2 If we begin to look at prepared foods through this lens, it may change the food we offer and the way we talk about it.

So, let’s get the conversation going by giving shoppers the experience they crave. Show them how to use prepared foods with products from around the store to make enticing meals that deliver on quality and freshness. Inspire them with menu ideas that remove the barriers of time and anxiety, and offer the freshly prepared products they deserve as part of convenient meal solutions they’ll be proud to serve to their families.


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Editor’s note: This post is sponsored content provided by Tyson Foods Inc.

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