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Aisle 9 Retail Sells Assets To Marketing Management

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Last updated on October 3rd, 2017 at 10:12 am

Aisle 9 Retail Inc., a sales and marketing agency for emerging consumer package goods (CPG) in the grocery retail channel, has sold its assets to Marketing Management Inc. in an effort to “create a new, more resourceful company for clients.” The new entity established by Marketing Management Inc. is MMI Emerging Solutions LLC d/b/a Aisle 9, a Texas-based company.

According to the companies, the acquisition will offer stronger working relationships with retail customers across the U.S. and enhance the resources and services available to clients that choose to be represented by MMI’s Aisle 9. One resource available is access to MMI Market Solutions Inc. (MSI), an MMI-affiliated company. MSI manages a network of market-centric brokers across the U.S., Canada and Mexico that will enhance the bandwidth to Aisle 9 clients as their sales grow from an emerging brand to a relevant category brand.

“MSI has a strong knowledge in helping emerging brands grow. That combined with our deep-rooted experience in the CPG industry, and our access to market sensitive resources and brand development services will help to expand sales and distribution of the new Aisle 9 clients,” said Tim Hauser, VP of Market Solutions. “MSI’s mission is to expand sales and distribution of existing relevant brands, while Aisle 9’s mission is to help emerging brands gain traction in the market. These two missions, working collectively together, offer seamless sales and marketing solutions for emerging brands that eventually cross the chasm to relevant competing products in the category.”

The move makes a number of other resources available to all Aisle 9 clients, including: access to more relevant market information and analysis; insights of emerging categories and products; consumer research and product evaluation through Consumer Science; brand building and marketing through Immotion Studios, a full-service advertising agency focused on the CPG industry; store-level merchandising; and product sourcing.

“MMI’s Aisle 9 is the only nationwide sales agency that is specifically designed to increase distribution and sales for new and emerging brands into the grocery channel of trade. The access to and coordination with MMI’s other affiliated companies strengthens our capabilities by adding critical resources, relevant market data, retail services and key customer relationships as we sit in the role of “Success Managers” for our emerging CPG clients,” said Greg Feinberg, president of MMI Emerging Solutions LLC d/b/a Aisle 9. “The new Aisle 9 will be even further distinguished as the best option for domestic and international brands looking to grow their sales and distribution in the grocery channel.”

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