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Frieda’s Specialty Produce Offers ‘Trending’ Stokes Purple Sweet Potatoes

Mashed purple sweet potatoes

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, Frieda’s Specialty Produce is encouraging retailers to draw shoppers in to their produce departments with a sweet potato display featuring “Instagram-famous” Stokes Purple sweet potatoes.

“Our retail partners say the best time of year to promote Stokes Purple sweet potatoes is the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving,” said Alex Jackson Berkley, senior account manager at Frieda’s Specialty Produce. “With sweet potatoes remaining a trendy and staple produce item, and shoppers looking to add color to the Thanksgiving table, Stokes Purple sweet potatoes will sell out for the holiday.

Purple sweet potato brownies“Conventional Stokes Purple sweet potatoes can be merchandised with other sweet potatoes, and the organic ones can be in the organic section,” said Berkley. “Purple deserves a place at the holiday table.”

Purple cauliflower, purple asparagus, baby purple potatoes and radicchio also are available to round out the holiday purple vegetable set.

Other popular volume holiday items from Frieda’s include fingerling and baby potatoes, Frieda’s Star Spangled Spuds, ginger, shallots, blood oranges, Fuyu persimmons and Green Dragon apples.

Since 1962, Frieda’s has introduced more than 200 unique fruits and vegetables to the U.S. marketplace. Founded by produce industry trailblazer Dr. Frieda Rapoport Caplan, subject of the 2015 documentary “Fear No Fruit,” the family company is owned and operated by Frieda’s daughters, Karen Caplan and Jackie Caplan Wiggins, in Orange County, California.

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