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Nuni Debuts The ‘World’s First’ Toaster Just For Tortillas

Nuni Tortilla Toaster

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, U.S. demand for tortilla products is consistently growing, outpacing other general foods. Outselling traditional American staples such as hamburgers, hotdog buns and other fresh types of rolls, buns or bagels, tortilla retail sales have risen 2.1 percent over the last 12 months—reaching $2.2 billion.

With the Latin American and Hispanic population expanding, ethnically diverse meals are becoming more accepted and bought by consumers for their families. Feeling the pressure to meet consumer preferences, tortilla manufacturers are creating products that offer healthier, fresh alternatives, more variety and usage options that go well beyond the traditional, authentic Mexican cuisine.

The Chicago, Illinois-based Nuni brand says it is leading the way in a revenue-building strategy for the tortilla—and baking—industry, with a new piece technology for home chefs:  a tortilla toaster that heats up to six tortillas at once.

Noticing a trend occurring at the dining table both in his own home and families across the nation, founder Elliot Benitez says he created Nuni to keep up the demand for hot tortillas during meals, and to help preserve the social aspect that comes along with sitting down to dinner.

Complete with a six-slot capacity that allows for any variety of tortilla, including gluten-free, Nuni also includes an automatic shut-off that deactivates the unit after each toasting cycle.

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