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IDDBA: Consumer Interest In Hispanic And Full-Fat Cheese Rising

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IDDBA cheese graphicWhen it comes to cheese, consumers are most interested in new varieties, and in-store delis are important for consumers looking to experience specialty cheeses, which bring in the largest share (66 percent) of cheese sales in dollars. This is one of hundreds of findings in “What’s in Store 2018,” the latest edition of the annual trends publication from the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA), and What’s in Store Online, a collection of more than 150 downloadable graphs and tables, as well as links to white papers and trends articles.

Other findings in the book’s “Cheese Sales & Retail Trends” chapter include:

  • Consumer perceptions on dairy fat are changing; more shoppers are seeking “real” foods not made from processed ingredients. Overall, sales of whole-fat cheese are growing while sales of low-fat, reduced-fat and fat-free are declining.
  • Per capita, natural cheese consumption in the U.S. increased 26 percent between 1996 and 2015.
  • Hispanic varieties of cheese like Oaxaca, Mexican, Manchego and Cotija are the fastest-growing cheese types as of the 52 weeks ending July 16, 2017.

What’s in Store is a dairy/deli/supermarket foodservice/bakery/cheese resource providing data on the retail and market trends, growth and category changes shaping the food industry. A secondary research report, What’s in Store is developed through both interviews with industry experts and sourcing of third-party data and trends.

This year’s edition features five themes: The Economy & Retail Trends, Channels and Competition, Consumer Lifestyles, Eating Trends and Technology and Marketing. A themed narrative is carried into each of the product chapters: Bakery, Cheese, Dairy and Deli.

IDDBA members receive a free copy of What’s in Store 2018 as part of their membership. Additional copies can be purchased for $99 (member rate) or $399 (nonmember rate).

IDDBA is a nonprofit membership organization serving the dairy, deli, bakery, cheese and supermarket foodservice industries.

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