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Stavis Seafoods Partners With IMV For Traceability, Portfolio Growth

Stavis Seafoods

Stavis Seafoods, a Boston-based international importer and receiver of fresh and frozen seafood, has a new strategic partnership with IMV, a multinational fishing company based in The Netherlands with vessels and processing facilities around the globe.

This business relationship enables Stavis Seafoods to offer direct access and supply chain visibility and traceability to its customers for a wide variety of seafood.

According to Michael Lynch, Stavis Seafoods’ VP of marketing, IMV’s international fleet of fishing vessels and processing facilities deliver vertical integration, which will help Stavis Seafoods expand its reach both domestically and internationally.

This partnership includes financial support that provides Stavis with more resources to position the company for growth. IMV’s industry and fishing expertise includes operations in countries in South America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Lynch said IMV’s worldwide reach will be a competitive advantage for Stavis, allowing it to show customers a direct connection to fishermen harvesting their seafood on the boat. Stavis also will have access to IMV’s variety of wild caught, sustainable seafood as well as resources to expand its farm-raised seafood product line.

“For years, one of our main strategic goals was to become a more vertically integrated company so we could meet the ever-changing needs of our customers,” said Richard Stavis, chief sustainability officer. “This partnership not only offers direct access to high quality seafood, it also allows us to promote a simpler, more traceable sourcing solution. Consumers are getting more and more interested in seafood and this partnership makes us better equipped to meet their needs and answer their questions about how their seafood is sourced.”

Stavis Seafoods-calamari“This is an exciting time for Stavis Seafoods,” added Chuck Marble, Stavis’ newly appointed CEO. “The IMV partnership will increase our production and sourcing capabilities and allow us to target a larger scale of customer while having more control over our supply chain. Stavis has a long history of innovation and excellence in seafood, and this relationship will help us continue that tradition by positioning us as a true international player in the industry. We are thrilled about this relationship and the future of Stavis Seafoods.”

As part of this partnership, Richard Stavis has moved from CEO to chief sustainability officer and purchasing director, continuing his work on expanding the company’s role in the industry and helping define seafood sustainability. Marble, formerly president, has taken over the day-to-day management and operations of the company as new CEO.

Stavis Seafoods has been a Boston waterfront landmark and seafood industry pioneer since 1929. Originally called Stavis Ipswich Clam Co., Stavis Seafoods has an inventory of more than 1,300 seafood items and distributes seafood via air, truck and ship worldwide. Stavis also offers a line of famous brands including BOS’N, ChillFresh, Foods From the Sea, Boston Pride, Ocean Delight and Prince Edward.

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