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What’s In Store 2018: Dairy Sales Down, But Penetration Still High

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It has been a tough two years for dairy, with declines in overall sales and volume, but nearly everyone in the U.S. shops the dairy department. Dairy has a household penetration rate of 97.7 percent. This is one of hundreds of findings in “What’s in Store 2018,” the latest edition of the annual trends publication from the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA), and What’s in Store Online, a collection of more than 150 downloadable graphs and tables, as well as links to white papers and trends articles.

Other findings in the book’s “Dairy Sales and Retail Trends” chapter include:

  • The average household purchases dairy items 44 times per year.
  • Almond milk, and other plant-based milk alternatives, have proved to be a long-term trend rather than a fad.
  • Dairy superconsumers mentioned that they use dairy as snacks.

“You can’t ignore dairy,” said Kathryn Pereira, education coordinator, IDDBA. “Dairy fulfills many shoppers needs, be it for additional protein, fueling athletic endeavors, snacking or incorporating it into any meal. It’s versatile.”

“Dairy naturally contains many vitamins and nutrients. It’s such a missed opportunity that they aren’t more prominently called out,” says Matt Lally of Nielsen Fresh.

What’s in Store is a dairy/deli/supermarket foodservice/bakery/cheese resource providing data on the retail and market trends, growth and category changes shaping the food industry. A secondary research report, What’s in Store is developed through both interviews with industry experts and sourcing of third-party data and trends.

This year’s edition features five themes: The Economy & Retail Trends, Channels and Competition, Consumer Lifestyles, Eating Trends and Technology and Marketing. A themed narrative is carried into each of the product chapters: Bakery, Cheese, Dairy and Deli.

IDDBA members receive a free copy of What’s in Store 2018 as part of their membership. Additional copies can be purchased for $99 (member rate) or $399 (nonmember rate).

IDDBA is a nonprofit membership organization serving the dairy, deli, bakery, cheese and supermarket foodservice industries.

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