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Finding The Right Fit For Prepared Foods

Deli prepared shoppers

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by Tyson Foods Inc. 

Shoppers in Tyson Foods Inc.’s Unconventional Shopper Connections experiment admitted there’s nothing wrong with their grocer’s deli. It’s just not a good fit.

According to Eric LeBlanc, director of channel marketing, deli, at Tyson, “The disconnect shoppers feel may be because they think of fast food and deli food in the same light. They said they feel like ‘dinner zeroes’ when serving foods they don’t have a hand in preparing. There is another option. We need to educate and inspire shoppers that prepared foods can provide a head start for a made-from-scratch feeling that contributes to a satisfying meal solution.”

The “proud to serve” factor

In a previous Tyson study, shoppers admitted while they understand that the deli can offer a solution when there is no dinner plan, they often opt for take-out over their grocer’s prepared foods because “nothing ever looks or sounds good.”

But, prepared foods are not limited by the finite menu options associated with take-out or fast food. By utilizing pre-shop messaging and point-of-sale menu ideas, retailers can show shoppers how to use prepared foods with other items from around the store to create easy meals they can be proud to serve. Just by becoming aware of the possibilities, shoppers better understand that prepared foods are a good fit for easy meal planning and a go-to solution when there is no plan.

Positioning prepared foods as a “go-to” solution

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Editor’s note: This post is sponsored content provided by Tyson Foods Inc.

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