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Massachusetts Oil Packer Bringing Boxed Oils To Market

Catania bag-in-box oil

Catania Oils, a producer of olive, vegetable, canola, sunflower and various blended oils, has unveiled its new “easy-to-store, easy-to-pour” bag-in-box packaging. Ayer, Massachusetts-based Catania has launched two initial varieties in the new packaging for foodservice: non-GMO Marconi Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Marconi 50/50 non-GMO Canola/EVOO blend. The company is now working on retail sizes.

The bag-in-box concept has long been used in the alcohol and spirits industry and is popular among wines. According to Catania, the bag-in-box packaging offers several advantages over traditional bottle-packed methods. The box packaging and spout dispenser make this a convenient way to store and pour olive oil, especially for container refilling in foodservice kitchens. Additionally, the box protects the oil from light, preserving the flavor and integrity of the oil. The sealed bag also helps retain the oil’s freshness by keeping air away from the product.

The oils are being introduced in 10- and 20-liter sizes, and both the bag and the box are recyclable and easily disposed of for less environmental waste, says Catania.

“Bag-In-Box has been a concept we’ve been exploring for a while, and we’re excited to launch this item to create more value for all of our customers and prospective customers,” said Catania Oils President Joseph Basile. “This system keeps our expertly sourced oil fresher for a longer period of time.”

Catania Oils is a privately held, fourth-generation family business. The company provides both branded and private label oils. Its 250,000-s.f. operation is one of the largest indoor bulk-oil processing facilities in the country.

*Editor’s note: This story has been corrected to reflect that the oil is currently only available in foodservice packaging, not also in retail packaging, as previously reported.  

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