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BrandSpark Lists 2018’s Most Trusted Brands In The U.S.

BrandSpark 2018 Winners
A sampling of BrandSpark's Most Trusted winners for 2018.

Market research firm BrandSpark International has announced the winners of its 2018 BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards for CPG brands in the U.S. (See list below.) More than 15,000 household shoppers participated in the online survey and determined America’s most trusted brands in food & beverage, personal care & beauty, household & pets and over-the-counter health. Now in its fifth year, the research-based awards program operates independently from media, with winners exclusively determined by the unaided responses of shoppers in the BrandSpark American Shopper Study.BrandSpark Most Trusted logo.

Trust drives purchase decisions

“Building a strong foundation of consumer trust is critical today when consumers have more choices available than ever before,” said Robert Levy, president and CEO of BrandSpark International. “The top CPG brands establish trust by repeatedly meeting consumer expectations with great product experiences. The very best of these brands further elevate this trust with meaningful innovation while maintaining strong value and consistent quality. While trust in the brand is anchored in personal experience, it is increased by transparency, fair pricing and the endorsement of other consumers. Establishing trust is also important for brands that want to innovate, as our study shows that 71 percent of shoppers try new products from brands they trust the most.”

What drives brand trust?

The BrandSpark study shows that it is important for a brand to respond quickly to serious issues, with 95 percent saying it increases their trust. Transparency also is key to building trust, with 95 percent agreeing that brands which provide consumers with detailed information about their product or service earn their trust, and 86 percent saying their trust in the brand increases when they see unfiltered customer reviews online. Finally, pricing influences trust as much as product or service quality, with brands that offer consistent and competitive pricing more likely to be perceived as fair and respectful of their customers (increases trust for 91 percent).

Brands communicate award wins

The BrandSpark Most Trusted seal allows brands to communicate the trust they have earned from shoppers. Leading brands, such as Cascade and Eggland’s Best, have used the winner’s seal in PR and marketing. The BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards winner logo allows brands to clearly communicate the significant trust connection they have built with shoppers. 

“Eggland’s Best is very proud to be recognized as America’s Most Trusted egg brand for four years in a row,” said David Holdsworth, VP of marketing at Eggland’s Best. “We let consumers know by including the BrandSpark Most Trusted purple logo on millions of our egg cartons nationally.”

Shoppers say that when they aren’t familiar with a brand or product, they look to endorsements from other consumers. Positive endorsement in the form of awards is also very impactful with 85 percent of American shoppers saying their trust in a brand increases if it has won awards based on consumer feedback.

How winners are determined

More than 15,000 American shoppers determined the BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards winners for 2018 through their top-of-mind unaided responses for categories in which they purchase. The results are ranked based on the greatest volume of mentions (ties are declared if the margin of victory is within 2 percent). The questions were included in the annual BrandSpark American Shopper Study.

BrandSpark also conducts the Most Trusted Awards annually in Canada and has expanded to include service, retail and e-commerce brands across North America. To see all of the winners, visit



Food & Beverage

2018 Winning Brand(s)
Baking Betty Crocker
Bottled Water Dasani
Butter Land O’ Lakes
Coffee Folgers
Eggs Eggland’s Best
Fresh Packaged Meat Oscar Mayer
Frozen Fish Gorton’s Seafood
Frozen French Fries Ore-Ida
Frozen Pizza DiGiorno
Herbs & Spices McCormick
Hot Dogs Oscar Mayer
Margarine Country Crock
Mayonnaise Hellmann’s
Pasta Barilla
Protein Bars Clif Bar
Rum Bacardi
Sausages Jimmy Dean
Soft Drink Coca-Cola
Sparkling Water La Croix
Tea Lipton
Tequila Patrón
Vegan Food Morningstar Farms
Vodka Smirnoff
Whiskey / Whisky Jack Daniel’s
Yogurt Yoplait
Household & Pet products 2018 Winning Brand(s)
Air Freshener Febreze
Batteries Duracell
Cat Food Purina
Cat Litter Purina
Decalcifier & Rust Remover CLR
Dish Soap Dawn
Dishwasher Cleaner Cascade
Dishwasher Detergent Cascade
Dog Food Purina
Dog Treats Milk-Bone
Drink Carbonation System SodaStream
Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Seventh Generation
Fabric Softener Downy
Flea & Tick Prevention Bayer | Frontline (tie)
Flea Collars Hartz
Floor Cleaner Pine-Sol
Food Storage Bags Ziploc
Food Storage Containers Ziploc
Garbage Bags Glad
Hand Sanitizer Purell
Insect Repellant OFF!
Laundry Detergent Tide
Laundry Stain Remover Shout
Lawn Care Scotts
Multi-Purpose Cleaner Lysol
Paper Towels Bounty
Over-the-Counter Health products 2018 Winning Brand(s)
Adhesive Bandages Band Aid
Adult Incontinence Poise
Adult Sunscreen Coppertone | Neutrogena (tie)
Adult Tooth Pain Relief Orajel
Adult Vitamin Centrum
Allergy Relief Claritin
Antacid Tums
Antinauseant Pepto-Bismol
Arthritis Pain Relief Tylenol
Cold & Flu Prevention Vicks
Cold Sore Remedy Abreva
Condoms Trojan
Contact Lens Solution Bausch & Lomb
Contact Lenses Acuvue
Cough & Cold Medication Vicks
Cough Drops / Lozenges Halls
Denture Adhesive Fixodent
Diarrhea Medication Imodium
Eye Drops Visine
Fiber Supplement Metamucil
Hair Regrowth Rogaine
Head Lice Remedy RID
Heartburn Remedy Tums
Joint Care Supplements Osteo Bi-Flex
Laxative Dulcolax
Meal Replacement Slim-Fast
Nutritional Supplements Nature Made
Pain Relief Advil | Tylenol (tie)
Personal Lubricant K-Y Jelly
Probiotic Supplements Culturelle
Scar & Stretchmark Reduction Mederma
Shoe Insoles Dr. Scholl’s
Sleep Aid Vicks
Smoke Cessation Nicorette
Topical Pain Relief Cream/Gel Ben Gay | Icy Hot (tie)
Topical Pain Relief Patches Salonpas
Yeast Infection Medication Monistat
Personal Care & Beauty products 2018 Winning Brand(s)
Anti-Aging Skin Care Olay
Body Wash Dove
Dry Shampoo Batiste | Dove (tie)
Electric Toothbrush Oral-B
Facial Cleanser Neutrogena
Facial Moisturizer Olay
Foundation CoverGirl
Hair Color Clairol
Hair Removal Nair
Hair Styling Pantene | TRESemmé (tie)
Liners/Pads (Feminine Protection) Always
Lip Balm Chapstick
Lip Color Revlon
Mascara Maybelline
Men’s Body Wash Dove
Men’s Deodorant/Antiperspirant Old Spice
Men’s Shaving Gillette
Men’s Skin Care Dove Men+Care
Mouthwash Listerine
Sensitive Skin Care Aveeno | Dove (tie)
Sensitive Toothpaste Sensodyne
Shampoo & Conditioner (Men) Head & Shoulders
Shampoo & Conditioner (Women) Pantene
Tampons (Feminine Protection) Tampax
Teeth Whitening Crest
Toothpaste Crest
Women’s Deodorant/Antiperspirant Secret
Women’s Shaving Gillette

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