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Cranberry Marketing Committee Launches Retail Website

Cranberry Marketing Committee

The Cranberry Marketing Committee (CMC) in Wareham, Massachusetts, has launched a new dedicated retail website that highlights statistics, recipes and industry information.

“The CMC has a robust catalog of cranberry industry resources and we are pleased to provide visitors to our website with a more efficient way to access that information,” said CMC Executive Director Michelle Hogan. “The new site will make it easier to view and share information like recipes, videos, statistical data, industry reports and much more.”

The CMC website will provide information on the history and cultivation of cranberries in the U.S. as well as comprehensive data on production and sales from U.S. cranberry growers and handlers. In addition, it has dedicated areas for retail and foodservice professionals seeking industry-specific information and recipes to help market cranberries to their consumers.

“We understand the importance of a website in the overall marketing arsenal, and it was time for us to bring ours up to date with a more modern back-end system and front-end design,” Hogan said. “This new website is easy to navigate and is integrated with some of our other systems. It will help us more effectively showcase the power and versatility of America’s Original Superfruit to multiple audiences throughout the year.”

Some of the features on the website include:

Cranberries in Hispanic Cuisine! This new Latin American-inspired resource features a newly launched video with Chef Julian Rodarte making Dried Cranberry Arroz con Pollo and a Cranberry Paloma. Cranberries can be an addition to traditional Hispanic dishes.

Cranberries for the Summer. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, cranberries can add flavor and patriotic color to the summer grilling season, CMC says. On the website, readers can find merchandising tips, summer-specific key messages and recipes (like a cranberry potato salad) for ways to create an additional sales season for cranberries in their stores.

Cranberries in Floral Departments. The CMC has a shareable how-to video and handout to help retailers cross-promote fresh cranberries in their floral departments and capitalize on the growing popularity of DIY holiday centerpieces. They also can read more about how cranberry sales spiked at Big Y Foods with a floral promotion.

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