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Monsoon Kitchens Offers Grocers Indian Meal Kit Ingredients

Monsoon Kitchens appetizers

Monsoon Kitchens, a Shrewsbury, Massachusetts-based maker of authentic Indian appetizers and meals, is offering its samosas, chutneys, sauces, marinades, and basmati rice to grocers to use for custom meal kits and other prepared food needs.

Founded in 2003, Monsoon Kitchens creates authentic Indian dishes based on traditional Indian home cooking. Each of its appetizers, sauces, marinades, chutneys and entrees incorporates both the latest advances in nutrition science and time-tested culinary traditions, the company says.

Monsoon Kitchens, Swati Elavia
Swati Elavia

Swati Elavia, Monsoon Kitchens’ president and co-founder, is a registered dietitian with a doctorate in nutrition and food science. She says she built her career and company with a focus on the kind of food integrity that meal kits promote vs. the high levels of sugar, salt and fat found in traditionally processed heat-and-eat meals.

“Monsoon Kitchens growth has been built on the same rising demand for healthier, fresher-tasting foods that food kits provide,” Elavia said. “We’re delighted to align our efforts with the retailers who are supporting this trend.”

According to a 2018 Nielsen report,  in-store meal kits generated $154.6 million in sales in 2017, reflecting a growth rate of more than 26 percent per year. A total of 9 percent of Americans, representing 10.5 million households, say they’ve purchased a meal kit in the past six months. Another 25 percent of consumers indicate that they would consider trying meal kits within the next six months.

Monsoon Kitchens will provide options within four in-store channels. Many of the line’s entrees, appetizers, sauces and chutneys will be available ready to eat for pickup in its partner stores’ hot bars. Others will be included in grab-and-go packages, typically located in store delicatessens.

The brand’s sauces, chutneys and marinades will be placed in meal kits, combining them with the chicken, rice, spices and other add-ons for a complete meal. Recipe cards in the kits will instruct users on how to prep and cook the authentic homestyle Indian meals.

Finally, the brand’s samosas, pakoras and vegetable tikkis can be combined with Monsoon chutneys to create party platters.

“We see our new meal-kit collaborators as the perfect partners,” said Elavia. “Authentic Indian food is a beautiful balance between tried and true recipes and creative innovations. We welcome the chance to place the best Indian food traditions in these new shelf spaces on the aisle.”

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