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St Pierre To Introduce Brioche Popovers To Retailers Nationwide

St Pierre Brioche Popovers

St Pierre, a European bakery brand in the U.S., is rolling out its new Brioche Popovers to retailers nationwide. The Popovers are light brioche pastries with sweet filling baked into the dough.

“Similar in appearance to a classic breakfast muffin, the new Brioche Popover is anything but ordinary,” says St Pierre. “It is airy and delicate with a buttery crumb, soft texture and moist filling swirled throughout it.”

The Brioche Popovers are launching in August and will be available in three flavors—vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon. The Popovers will come in retail packs of two in an effort to reach on-the-go snackers.

Brioche has become increasingly popular, with more than 250 percent menu growth over the last ten years. From burger buns to French toast, brioche now appears on more than 15 percent of menus. Originating in France, brioche is a light, subtly sweet bread enriched with eggs and butter and is at the core of the St Pierre product portfolio. The brand offers an array of brioche products, including sliced loaves, tear and share loaves, buns and rolls, cream-filled swirls and waffles.

St Pierre Brioche Popovers

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