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Food Freshness Card Wins Food Safety Award At United Fresh 2018

Food Freshness Card Inventors RJ Hassler and Rick Hassler accept the Innovation Award from John Toner (center), VP of United Fresh.
Food Freshness Card Inventors RJ Hassler and Rick Hassler accept the Innovation Award from John Toner (center), VP of United Fresh.

The Food Freshness Card was again honored with an Innovation Award for “Best New Food Safety Solution” at this year’s United Fresh Show for its new industrial size.

“We are thrilled and honored to have received this award voted on by the industry professionals and attendees for a second consecutive year,” said Rick Hassler, director of Natures Natural Solutions, developer of the Food Freshness Card. “This award, which comes at the same time as the award the Food Freshness Card received from Food Logistics for Top Green Provider 2018, makes us humbly proud, and more determined than ever to expand in the food industry and cut the global problem of $400 billion in food waste annually.”

Seven Produce Innovation Award Winners were recognized at United Fresh 2018.

“This year’s Innovation Awards winners won from a field of excellent and qualified competitors,” said United Fresh’s VP of convention and industry collaboration, John Toner. “The exceptional creativity of these seven winners helped them stand out at United Fresh 2018, the home of fresh produce innovation.” 

“Innovation starts at United Fresh,” said Tom Stenzel, president and CEO of United Fresh. “The innovation of our member companies shape the entire produce industry and show attendees the unique opportunity to see that ingenuity up close at United Fresh. Congratulations to this year’s winners, and thank you to all participants for showcasing your creativity.”

The Food Freshness Card is manufactured under three U.S. Patents and is laboratory and commercially tested to keep food fresher longer. According to the company, it is the newest, easy-to-use technology in the food industry as it addresses the global problem of food waste and spoilage.

“The Food Freshness Card has the unique ability to prolong freshness at any point in the food chain; from the farm to packaging, pallet, container and all the way to distribution and retailer,” Hassler said. “In supermarkets, we are averaging an instant 20 percent decrease in shrink/spoilage and saving over $3,000 per month per store in waste, which directly hits the bottom line.”

“The impact the Food Freshness Card can have on sustainability and the planet cannot be overstated,” Hassler stressed. “The energy and resources used to produce the 40 percent food waste in the U.S. alone is enormous. If the Food Freshness Card can reduce food waste, even by one-percent, the savings in energy and resources would be astronomical. In addition to its successful application in farms, supermarkets, commercial kitchens, shipping containers, walk-in refrigerators, post-harvest and food processing areas, the card works great in a home refrigerator. You can expect to see a retail version featured on TV and an industrial version installed in refrigerators this year. Our unique technology will continue to expand with more uses and customized solutions as we work with partners around the world.”

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