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The Real Reason Shoppers Don’t Connect With Deli

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by Tyson Foods Inc. 

Shoppers say dinner is the most important meal of the day, but they also admit when the clock is ticking into the later afternoon and there’s no dinner plan, deli rarely enters into their consideration sets.

Changing deli’s focus from foods to meals

According to Eric LeBlanc, director of channel marketing, deli, at Tyson Foods Inc., “Shoppers may not count on prepared foods for dinnertime because they think of the department as a random assortment of products instead of a convenient way to create a satisfying meal experience. They might hope deli will provide the meal they wish they could prepare, but what they often get is a cart full of items that don’t resemble anything they would cook or be proud to serve.”

Why should deli be consigned as the department of last resort dinner decisions? Instead, let’s inspire shoppers to think of prepared foods as the go-to place for easy recipes and ideas to create quick and satisfying meals. It’s time to reposition deli as the beginning of a meaningful relationship with dinner again.

At Tyson Foods, we have a new way of approaching the deli and the opportunities we have as retailers and suppliers to change the conversation. Connect with us to find out more at

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