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King Kullen To Expand E-Commerce Capabilities With MyWebGrocer

King Kullen, MyWebGrocer

King Kullen, a Long Island grocery retailer, will be expanding its online retail e-commerce and media capabilities through an upgrade to the newest version of MyWebGrocer’s (MWG) e-commerce platform.

MWG is a software and digital media company to the grocery and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries.

King Kullen, based in Bethpage, New York, operates 32 locations on Long Island. The new MWG platform upgrade will allow the grocer to expand online shopping features for its guests.

Among the features, shoppers will have a single, unified experience when building a list from the graphical weekly ad, recipe planning or shopping online compared to alternatives where planning lists and e-commerce carts are not interchangeable.

Single cart/list capability, along with personalized offers, merchandising capabilities and discovery via sponsored listings, are key elements of the platform that is designed to increase shopper loyalty and conversion in addition to allowing shoppers to easily expand their baskets to include new items relevant and personal to them.

“We’re extremely proud of our history of innovation in grocery retail, starting from 1930, when our founder designed the modern grocery store,” said Joseph Brown, SVP and chief merchandising officer at King Kullen. “Today, our customers expect speed and convenience without having to sacrifice the quality of service we provide. Upgrading our MWG technology platform will allow us to continue to deliver a world class customer experience better than any other grocer on Long Island.”

Barry Clogan, president of Retail Solutions at MWG, said, “Our order management software has been shown to increase order fulfillment rates by more than two times using the same resources while reducing the distance fulfillment personal walk by over 50 percent. By eliminating inefficiencies, we’re helping level the grocery delivery playing field to enable great independent grocers like King Kullen to compete with huge chains and new entrants like Amazon. Decreasing picking times and accelerating order fulfillment has tremendous positive impact for retailers. When you can fill more orders per hour, you can scale customer base and attract and retain more customers.”

King Kullen will roll out upgrades to its MWG technology in stages over the remainder of the year, with the full MWG-powered experience scheduled for the completion in the first quarter of 2019.

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