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Quirch Foods Launching Multicultural Frozen Line In October

Quirch Foods' Mambo product line

Quirch Foods will officially launch its Mambo brand, a line of frozen items, in October of 2018. Mambo brand is the newest addition to Quirch’s portfolio of company-owned products targeted at multicultural consumers. The line will feature a variety of frozen vegetables and ethnic favorites, such as Empanadas and Jamaican patties. Also available under the Mambo name will be two non-frozen items—crunchy green plantain Tostones and Yuca (cassava) Tostones.

“The Mambo brand is designed with a fresh, fun and authentic new look while maintaining the quality we are recognized for,” said Jorge Roza, director of marketing for Quirch. “It’s important to continue to grow and evolve our business with brands that make an impact at the store level and bring ease of use to consumers.”

The launch will offer retailers the opportunity to carry a broad selection of products, which include Tequeños, Arepas, Vegetables, Empanadas, Croquettes and much more, all of which appeal to a wide range of consumers, says Quirch.

Established as a food distributor and exporter of meat and seafood in South Florida and the Caribbean, Miami-based Quirch now is a supplier of fresh and frozen foods in the Southeastern U.S. and the Americas. Its customers include independent grocers, chain supermarkets, foodservice distributors, cruise lines, restaurants and food processors/manufacturers.

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