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Catch The Shopper’s Eye With A Vibrant Label And Flexible Packaging

Beatrice Thouveny
Beatrice Thouveny

by Beatrice Thouveny/Marketing Director, Flexible Pack

Good marketing is all about catching the consumer’s eye, and there is no better attention-grabber than a vibrantly printed label to help build brand.

Those in the food and beverage industry might be surprised at the many appealing and sustainable labeling choices available today. From vivid colors and graphics to the ability to add variable data—such as “use by” dates, serial numbers, barcodes and QR codes, not to mention the ability to create and print an unlimited number of unique designs for any product through new technologies like HP Mosaic software (think individualized eye-catching graphics on Coca-Cola, Lay’s or Absolut products, to name a few)—the value of creative and enduring labels cannot be overstated when it comes to a marketing campaign.

Flexible packaging is another approach to marketing now soaring in popularity. Surveys have indicated that ease of use, ability to reseal and effortless storage are the top three attributes rated by consumers—in other words, flexible pouches.

Statistics say that 81 percent of consumers notice when a product appears in different packaging, and it also has been determined that shoppers are willing to spend more for flexible packages.

And for good reason. Flexible pouches are practical and convenient, can be taken anywhere, extend a product’s shelf life, are easy to store and can be reclosed. Gone are the days when a ripped package meant transferring the remaining product to a plastic or paper bag. With flexible packaging, the product can stay in its original branded container for the duration. Each time someone grabs a cookie, marketing is in play.

The environment also has a friend in flexible packaging. Consider the difference in the carbon footprint impact of one truckload of unfilled flexible pouches vs. the 26 truckloads required to deliver an equal number of unfilled glass bottles.

Consumer-friendly packaging can be a vital competitive differentiator for a new product or when updating an existing product. The visual appeal and convenience of flexible packaging in combination with its positive impact on branding and the environment can help food/beverage items stand out from the competition. It is an attractive choice for consumers and can help lead a brand to the head of the pack.

Thouveny can be reached at Flexible Pack, based in Quincy, Massachusetts.

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