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Dunkin’ Donuts Dropping ‘Donuts’ From Name, Launches First Canned Drink

Three cans of Shot in the Dark

Dunkin’ Donuts this week revealed plans to drop “Donuts” from its name, rebranding as just Dunkin’.

According to the company, the new branding reflects its focus on coffee, while embracing Dunkin’s heritage by retaining its familiar pink and orange colors and its font, introduced in 1973.

Beginning the first of the year, the new branding will appear on packaging, as well as the company’s advertising, website and social channels. Going forward, the new “Dunkin’” logo also will be featured on exterior and interior signage on all new and remodeled stores in the U.S. and, eventually, internationally. The brand tested the new logo extensively, says the company, including on exterior signage at Dunkin’ locations featuring its next-generation design concept over the past year.

“Our new branding is one of many things we are doing as part of our blueprint for growth to modernize the Dunkin’ experience for our customers,” Dunkin’ Brands’ CEO and Dunkin’ U.S. President David Hoffmann. “We believe our efforts to transform Dunkin’, while still embracing our incredible heritage, will keep our brand relevant for generations to come.”

“By simplifying and modernizing our name, while still paying homage to our heritage, we have an opportunity to create an incredible new energy for Dunkin’, both in and outside our stores,” said Tony Weisman, chief marketing officer, Dunkin’ U.S. “We are bringing the iconic name Dunkin’ to the forefront in a bold way that brings to life how we refill optimism with each cup and bring fun, joy and delight to our customers each and every day.”

Dunkin’ debuts first-ever beverage in a can

While Dunkin’ says donuts will remain a significant focus for the brand, the company has increasingly turned its attention to coffee over recent years, including grocery retail product launches. The Coca-Cola Co. and its bottling partners have been manufacturing and distributing pre-packaged Dunkin’ Donuts branded bottled beverages since the beginning of 2017, when the company launched its first ready-to-drink coffee beverages.

This week, Dunkin’ expanded that partnership with the launch of Shot in the Dark coffee espresso blend, the brand’s first-ever coffee beverage served in a can. 

“Shot in the Dark combines the classic tastes of Dunkin’s signature coffee and espresso for a bold new way to keep recharged, refreshed and running on Dunkin’, any time, anywhere,” the company says.

Served in a slim can, Shot in the Dark delivers Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee with a touch of cream and sugar, combined with espresso. Offered in three flavors—Caramel, Mocha and Vanilla—each 8.1-oz. can of Shot in the Dark is 80 calories.

Shot in the Dark can be found now in select retail locations, and its availability will continue to expand through 2019 at convenience and grocery stores across the U.S.

“Our fans have loved our ready-to-drink iced coffees as a great way to power through their day with Dunkin’ anytime and anywhere,” said Brian Gilbert, Dunkin’ VP of retail business development. “Now, for the coffee-loving consumers who want something a little bolder than a traditional cup of coffee, but not as strong as a shot of espresso, our Shot in the Dark creates an exciting and energizing new option when on-the-go.”

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