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Premier Protein Introduces Sustainable Packaging For Its RTD Shakes

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Premier Protein, a line of shakes, powders, bars and clear drinks, has launched new “earth first” packaging for its ready-to-drink shakes. Premier Protein shakes now feature FSC-certified Tetra Pak cartons and a re-sealable plant-based cap derived from sugarcane.

According to the Premier Nutrition Corp., Premier Protein’s parent company, the decision to change its packaging represents the brand’s ongoing commitment to reduce its environmental footprint and introduce more sustainable packaging for its consumers.

“An increasing percentage of consumers are now checking packaging labels to ensure the brand or product they’re about to purchase is delivering positive social or environmental impact,” said Darcy Horn Davenport, president, Premier Nutrition Corp. “This shift in consumer behavior inspired our team to evaluate Premier Protein’s packaging and move towards sourcing more renewable resources. We value our customers above all else and aim to deliver good energy to people everywhere, and that includes protecting and restoring the health of our planet.”

Premier Protein’s new Tetra Pak cartons are light-weight, recyclable and FSC-certified, meaning the materials used have been responsibly sourced. The carton is made mostly from paper, which comes from sustainably managed forests where trees can continue to grow. After they’ve been recycled, cartons can be turned into tissue, paper products and green building materials.

The shakes’ plant-based sugarcane cap is durable, protective, 100 percent recyclable and GMO-free, says the company. The sugarcane is sourced from Brazil and grown in a region of the country that does not upset ecosystems or food supplies. Additionally, by utilizing a resource that grows back each year, global CO2 emissions are significantly reduced in comparison to plastic made from petroleum.

“Tetra Pak is excited to work with Premier Protein on the new earth first packaging initiative,” said Gustaf Rabe, VP of aseptic sales, Tetra Pak U.S. & Canada. “We believe packaging should save more food and resources than it costs and by purchasing the new FSC-certified cartons from Premier Protein, people can help care for the world’s forests for generations to come.”

The new packaging will be available across Premier Protein’s seven-flavor portfolio of shakes, including Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberries & Cream, Bananas & Cream, Caramel, Peaches & Cream and Cookies & Cream.

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