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Dixie Foodservice Introduces Heat-Activated Sleeveless Hot Cup

Dixie Ultra Insulair Hot Cup on a counter

GP Pro’s Dixie Foodservice, a disposable foodservice products brand, soon will launch its new Dixie Ultra Insulair Hot Cup. According to the company, the Insulair Hot Cup is the only heat-activated disposable beverage cup that uses an internal air pocket rather than an external sleeve to help keep beverages hot and hands cool.

“We are incredibly proud of the innovation and industry insight that went into designing the Dixie Ultra Insulair Hot Cup, and we are confident that it will quickly become the go-to cup for coffee-on-the-go,” said Alec Frisch, GP Pro VP for foodservice. “For operators, the Insulair Hot Cup can help them improve efficiency, reduce costs and deliver a better, more branded customer experience. And, for consumers, it will completely change how they enjoy their hot beverages on the go, undoubtedly making it the best part of their day!”

The Insulair Hot Cup is a single-wall paper cup with an interior lining made of a low-density polyethylene film. When a hot liquid is poured into the cup, a thin heat-activated air pocket expands within the cup’s lining, replacing the need for an external sleeve. The air pocket adjusts to the temperature of the beverage, meaning the hotter the liquid, the greater the air pocket. The Insulair Hot Cup is available in 12-, 16-, and 20-oz. sizes, with actual ounces dependent on the heat of the liquid and the size of the air pocket.

By eliminating the need for an external sleeve, the Insulair Hot Cup uses less material than other hot beverage cups. Based on a comparison of a 12-oz. Insulair Hot Cup to an average of top competitor cups, a single-wall paper hot cup and sleeve has 35 percent more material and a multi-wall hot cup has 70 percent more material, making the Insulair Hot Cup a more sustainable option. In addition, the Insulair Hot Cup requires less storage and less labor because there is no external sleeve to store; it boasts a one-size-fits-all lid; it has a lower stackable height than a polystyrene foam cup or a multi-wall hot cup; and it can be customized with visible graphics.

Dixie Foodservice is accepting Insulair Hot Cup pre-orders now, and consumers can expect to see them in limited- and quick-serve restaurants, coffee houses, convenience stores and other foodservice establishments in the coming months.

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