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NEPC Challenges Industry To Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

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The New England Produce Council (NEPC) and Produce Buzz, an educational multimedia project, are issuing a challenge to people in the produce industry to eat 10 fruits and vegetables every day for 30 days.

The challenge will help fund the Nolan Family Foundation Scholarship that is awarded each year to an NEPC family member. The James and Theresa Nolan Family Foundation, a nonprofit with the primary mission to support members of the produce industry, developed the scholarship.

The N4TEN Challenge is an event designed to encourage people in the produce industry to lead the way and set the example to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Participants will make a donation to a scholarship fund and endeavor to eat ten fruits and vegetables a day for 30 days and post on social media about their experiences.

Many studies have shown that fresh fruits and vegetables help alleviate the effects of and prevent many diseases. Most people do not get the recommended daily amount of fresh produce in their diet. New research shows that for optimal health, people need 7-10 servings a day. For the challenge, the council encourages participants to see the difference fresh fruits and vegetables can make.

The challenge kicked off at the beginning of October, and since good health requires establishing good habits over several weeks, the challenge will run for 30 days. NEPC hopes that after 30 days, eating ten servings of fruits and vegetables will become a regular habit for all who participate.

To register, participants are asked to make a donation to the Nolan Foundation at a level they can afford. Participants also will receive a reward for their donations based upon the donated amount.

The donations will be used to fund new scholarships developed by the foundation. These scholarships will be awarded through regional produce industry trade associations.

Participants who wish to share their progress on social media should do so directly on NEPC’s social media sites. The council will give out a special award for the most creative posts and ideas for reaching the ten-a-day goal. 

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