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Albertsons Cos.’ Signature Reserve Line Enters New Categories

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Albertsons Cos. has expanded Signature Reserve, its exclusive new top-shelf label, into a host of new categories.

“Signature Reserve inspires delicious discovery with extraordinary and expertly sourced flavors and ingredients,” said Geoff White, president of Albertsons Cos. Own Brands. “I personally experienced this with our Tomato, Porcini and Black Truffle Pasta Sauce. It instantly became a favorite in our home. I am so excited for our customers to have the same kind of unique culinary moments.”

Signature Reserve’s initial launch came in May with the release of seven flavors of ice cream, with Brazilian Guava Cheesecake emerging as a customer favorite. Today, the company offers a curated selection of Signature Reserve products, including ice cream, pasta and pasta sauce, single-origin whole bean coffee, loose leaf tea, confectionery, and pie filling.

Signature Reserve products are globally sourced. For example, the smoky Pecan Pie Filling is flavored with aged bourbon, brown sugar and vanilla bean sourced from Madagascar. Each of the single-origin coffees is grown by conscientious famers; the Ethiopian coffee is grown by 150 local farmers. The pasta and pasta sauce are made in Torino, Italy, based on recipes passed down through generations of the Pochettino family.

“We have a really high bar for Signature Reserve,” White said. “As we discover products and flavors that meet our rigorous selection process, we can’t wait to share them with our customers.”

Albertsons plans to continue adding to the Signature Reserve line into 2019.

Signature Reserve is part of the company’s lineup of Signature brands, which generates more than $6 billion in annual sales. Signature brands include Signature Cafe, Signature Farms, Signature Care and Signature Select.

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